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Mary SPAIN's brother: John Henry SPAIN (1852-1898)

Family of Joseph REES and Mary Ann SPAIN

Husband: Joseph REES (1838?- )
Wife: Mary Ann SPAIN (1838-1904)
Children: Elizabeth Annie S REES (1874- )
Henrietta Georgina REES (1876- )
Edith Warburton REES (1878- )
Marriage Q4 1871 Dover

Husband: Joseph REES

Name: Joseph REES
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1838 (app) Wales?

Wife: Mary Ann SPAIN

Name: Mary Ann SPAIN
Sex: Female
Father: John SPAIN (1815-1886)
Mother: Elizabeth ??? (1814?-1884)
Birth Q4 1838 Dover
Death Q3 1904 (age 65) Dover

Child 1: Elizabeth Annie S REES

Name: Elizabeth Annie S REES
Sex: Female
Spouse: William Arthur PLUMRIDGE (1869- )
Birth Q2 1874 Dover

Child 2: Henrietta Georgina REES

Name: Henrietta Georgina REES
Sex: Female
Birth Q1 1876 Dover

Child 3: Edith Warburton REES

Name: Edith Warburton REES
Sex: Female
Birth Q3 1878 Dover

Note on Husband: Joseph REES

free BMD (marriage)

Note on Wife: Mary Ann SPAIN (1)

Free BMD/census 1861-71.

Note on Wife: Mary Ann SPAIN (2)

Not shown as widow on 1901 census but no census record seen for Joseph.