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Family of Oliver Ernest SEXTON and Ada Finnis HARMES

Husband: Oliver Ernest SEXTON (1895-1946)
Wife: Ada Finnis HARMES (1889-1964)
Children: Betty SEXTON (1929-1986)
Marriage 11 Jan 1944 Wickham, NSW

Husband: Oliver Ernest SEXTON

Name: Oliver Ernest SEXTON
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1895 Paterson, NSW
Death 1946 (age 50-51) Newcastle, NSW

Wife: Ada Finnis HARMES

Name: Ada Finnis HARMES
Sex: Female
Father: Francis James HARMES (1867-1930)
Mother: Phoebe Sophia GALE (1853-1916)
Birth 19 Jan 1889 Greta, NSW
Death 27 May 1964 (age 75) Newcastle, NSW

Child 1: Betty SEXTON

Name: Betty SEXTON
Sex: Female
Birth 3 May 1929 Newcastle, NSW
Death 24 Apr 1986 (age 56)

Note on Husband: Oliver Ernest SEXTON

source Julia Banyer

Note on Wife: Ada Finnis HARMES

source Alana Linacre/Julia Banyer