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Family of Alfred ROSCOE and Clara Jane SPAIN

Husband: Alfred ROSCOE (1854?- )
Wife: Clara Jane SPAIN (1860-1938)
Children: Alfred Henry ROSCOE (1883- )
Clara ROSCOE (1897?- )
Joseph ROSCOE (1899?- )
Marriage 3 Apr 1881 Greenwich

Husband: Alfred ROSCOE

Name: Alfred ROSCOE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1854 (app) East London

Wife: Clara Jane SPAIN

Name: Clara Jane SPAIN
Sex: Female
Father: William SPAIN (1830-1871)
Mother: Elizabeth WARMAN (1828?-1903)
Birth 23 Apr 1860 Deptford
Baptism 4 Dec 1864 (age 4) St James, Bermondsey
Occupation Sewing Machinist (Collars) 1911
Death 26 Feb 1938 (age 77) Lewisham

Child 1: Alfred Henry ROSCOE

Name: Alfred Henry ROSCOE
Sex: Male
Birth Q2 1883 Greenwich
Occupation General Labourer

Child 2: Clara ROSCOE

Name: Clara ROSCOE
Sex: Female
Birth 1897 (app) Newington, London
Occupation Collar Boxer

Child 3: Joseph ROSCOE

Name: Joseph ROSCOE
Sex: Male
Birth 1899 (app) Newington, London

Note on Husband: Alfred ROSCOE

free BMD/Chris Saunders

Note on Wife: Clara Jane SPAIN (1)

free BMD/Chris Saunders

Note on Wife: Clara Jane SPAIN (2)

1911 at 10 Stanhope St, Deptford.