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This web site is dedicated to genealogical research of the Finnis family. When starting family research in May 2007, I thought that my mother's family was larger than that of my father. How wrong I was. I have gone back as far as possible and have then searched for all descendants of Henry Finnis born around 1768 in Ringwould, Kent. Henry with his wife Ann (née Knott) brought up their family in East Langdon, near Dover, Kent.

                     The home of Valentine Finnis (1752-1837).


       Carpenter’s shop, East Langdon, maybe 1900.


There were other families with the Finnis name in and around Dover at the same time but I have so far failed to establish a link. In the second half of the 19th century, there were at least two Finnis families around Bethnal Green, Hackney and Stepney in East London. Again, I have so far failed to link them. Many of the streets where they lived in East London were destroyed in World War 2 or were lost as part of the dockland development in London.

Nevertheless, there are many Finnis individuals in this site for whom no direct link has been found.

It could be said that my link, and that of many others, to Henry and Ann is a little tenuous. My immediate descendant was another Henry born around 1803 and he does not appear as part of the family in some sources. However, the 1851 census shows that Henry, a policeman, had with him his nephew James aged 20 from East Langdon, (also a policeman). This strongly suggests that he was James the son of Thomas Finnis (1805) and the 1851 census for the household of Thomas shows that his son James was not there. Further corroboration comes from James having married in London in 1852.

I have discovered many living relatives and I hope they will participate in this site by sending photographs for publication.
Anthony Graham (Tony) Finnis
8 October 2008